Fabric Rosette T-Shirt Embellishment Tutorial Image

Fabric Rosette T-Shirt Embellishment Tutorial

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Today I have a new tutorial for you!  Thanks to all who commented on and shared the Satin Ribbon Rose tutorial from last month.

Now to continue the new series of sharing some step by step tutorials on making some different kinds of fabric flowers. Today’s tutorial is for fabric rosette t-shirt embellishments. Please note, these are point-and-shoot images, so please excuse the poor quality. It’s just so much easier than one-handing a dSLR!

What you need for this tutorial are:

A plain, single colour t-shirt (I bought some from oldnavy.ca)
Long skinny strips of fabric in fun patterns that match the shirt
Needle and thread (in colours that match the fabrics and the shirt)
Scissors (thread snips and fabric scissors)

Fabric Rosette Tutorial

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And we’re ready to begin!

Your three strips of patterned fabric should be approximately 1.5 inches wide, and then 42 inches long for the biggest flower, 30 inches long for the medium flower, and 21 inches for the smallest flower.  These are the measurements I used for this tutorial (the shirt is a kid’s size small, by the way), but they are merely a guideline if you’re unsure how to start.  The sky is the limit!

Knot one end of your first strip of fabric.
Fabric Rosette Instructions

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise.
Fabric Rosette Instructions

Starting at the knot, start folding the fabric back and around in a circle from the knot (the center of the flower).
Cotton Flower tutorial

Once you’ve folded the fabric around the knot in a full circle, flip it over and sew the fabric to secure, careful not to show thread on the top of your flower. The base colour for this fabric is white, so I used white thread here.
Cotton Fabric Flower Instructions

Continue building your flower by folding the fabric, stopping to secure with needle and thread after every few folds.

Here is my first completed flower:
Cotton Fabric Flower Tutorial

It’s fairly flat when it’s all done.

The back of the flower will look quite messy with all your sewing, but this will be against the shirt and no one will see it!  You can also see how the end of the fabric was secured and finished off here.

Test the flower’s security by turning sideways and tugging on the fabric to see if it holds. If you see big gaps between folds/layers, sew them up.  Since they will be going on a shirt, they will be going through the washer and dryer a fair bit so making sure they are well sewn on the front end is a good idea!
DIY Photography Props

Repeat the above steps for the other two flowers, and you should have a large, medium and small flower when you’re done. Once completed, pin them to your shirt and fiddle with arrangement until you’re happy with how it looks and ready to sew them on.
T-Shirt DIY Embellishment

Turn the shirt inside out and, using a thread that matches the shirt, sew the flowers to the shirt around the edges of the flowers.

It doesn’t have to be great since it’s the inside of the shirt, but you can still make it look decent:)

And Viola! You’ve got yourself a cute embellished t-shirt for you, a little girl in your life, or to give as a gift! They are easy to care for as long as you took the time to sew the flowers really well while you were making it. I throw these in the washer and dryer no problem, but I do turn them inside out for a little extra protection.
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Please leave any tips or suggestions in the comments so I can improve for next time:) Happy crafting!

Live life, blessed & happy!


  • tamsen · Posted November 7, 2011 at 4:42 pm · Link

    that’s so cute Amy!

  • Amy · Posted November 7, 2011 at 6:55 pm · Link

    Thanks, Tamsen!